St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

An Episcopal community in Livonia, MI

The Anglican Tradition

At St. Andrew’s, we worship within the Anglican tradition supported by the beauty of ancient ritual and sacred music.  The rich tradition of the English church and the apostolic faith shape our worship at St. Andrew’s today.  Each Sunday begins with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, a practice of faith and worship rooted in the earliest days of the Christian community.  Worship at St. Andrew’s extends beyond Sunday with our Wednesday Eucharist service.

At St. Andrew’s, we observe many ancient and medieval customs as we conduct the ceremonies of the church.  Although our liturgies are full of words, they are also made up of actions.  Sometimes these ceremonial actions reinforce what we are saying, and sometimes they speak for themselves, saying things for which we have no words.  Together, words and actions are both symbolic-representing our offering of ourselves, our lives and our faith to God.

In the Episcopal church we are blessed with a rich heritage of language and ritual that has also benefitted from a measure of renewal.  At St. Andrew’s we use a variety of forms and styles of ritual most of which are from the Book of Common Prayer 1979.  You will find services that employ contemporary language-usually indicated as the liturgy using “Rite II” in Prayer Book terminology.  You will also find services that employ more traditional language (“Rite I”).  We enjoy singing hymns from the Hymnal 1982, but we sometimes borrow hymns from other sources as well.

Whether the service is a Sunday mass or a mid-week Eucharist service, when two or three are gathered, we are invited to encounter again the mystery of God’s love.

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