St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

An Episcopal community in Livonia, MI


Music in the Episcopal church can be as diverse as its worship services.  Although final authority over the music used in an Episcopal service is “the duty of every Minister” (Canon 24, Section 1), our hymnal draws all Episcopalians together musically in the same way that the Book of Common Prayer draws us together in prayer and liturgy.

Most recently revised in 1982, The Hymnal of the Episcopal Church offers 720 hymns in addition to liturgical music.  While some of the hymns date back to monastic chants, the hymnal offers more modern music as well.

As Episcopalians, we have a musical heritage that is one of the world’s richest and most deeply spiritual.  For 1500 years, Anglican church music has sought to witness the Christian faith in authenticity and truth.  Our music is not a homogeneous product, but an extremely diverse and multi-layered art form that celebrates and encompasses many different traditions.  You might be interested when singing hymns to read the small print below each one and note the many and varied sources of the poetry and music.


Lynne Bone Beck, Church Organist

Church music has been a part of her life since the age of seven.  She remembers many choirs and orchestras visiting her church and it inspired her to pursue a career in music.  She finds that GLynnod’s gift of music is one of the important vehicles He uses to bring us closer to Him in the worship experience.

“I am thankful for the privilege of using music to help others turn their cares and problems into focusing on the Lord who gives us encouragement and strength to meet life’s challenges.”

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