St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

An Episcopal community in Livonia, MI


Acolytes/Eucharistic Ministers

Serving as an Acolyte/Eucharistic Minister is both an honor and service to God, enhancing the congregation’s worship services and passing the chalice at the altar.  Being involved gives participants an opportunity to participate in worship services, to connect with one another and to experience a stronger sense of service to God and the church.

Individuals who serve as Eucharistic Ministers receive training through a course offered by the Whitaker Institute and also receive instruction from their home congregation.  To receive a license they need to be approved by their Rector/Vicar/Priest-in-Charge.  To learn more about becoming an Acolyte/Eucharistic Minister, please contact Fr. Daniel at 734.421.8451 or

Altar Guild

Members prepare for services by setting out the appropriate linens and vessels, wine, water and wafers and also maintain and clean vessels and linens.  To learn more about becoming a member of the Altar Guild please contact Joan.

Coffee Hour

A core group of individuals who assist in the preparation of coffee and setting out the donuts, pastries, cookies and cake that is offered during this time of fellowship after our Sunday service.  To learn more, please contact Mary or Lori.

Greeters and Ushers

Whether it is at the entrance welcoming visitors in, or in the midst of a service providing direction and assistance, our greeters and ushers extend the hospitality of St. Andrew’s to members and visitors alike.  To learn more about this ministry, please contact Fr. Daniel.

Lay Readers

Readers are needed to read the lessons and/or the Prayers of the People during services.  Lectors read approximately once every 6-8 weeks at our 10:00 A.M. Sunday service.  To learn more, please contact Fr. Daniel.


A group of church women who meet on Wednesday mornings and engage in prayer, study and good conversation.  To learn more about this group, please contact Joan.

Parish Activities

This is a modest-sized group that plan our fellowship events; such as our Fat Tuesday Pancake Suppers, picnics, the Harvest Dinner and other events.  To learn more, please contact Fr. Daniel at at 734.421.8451 or


The Sunshine chair demonstrates God’s love by giving each of the members of our congregation a sense of our caring and concern and works to brighten the days of our home-bound and active members.  To learn more about assisting this ministry, please contact Fr. Daniel.

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