St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

An Episcopal community in Livonia, MI

Holy Eucharist

At the Eucharist, we come to offer our thanks for, and to experience again, the mystery of God’s love for us.  On Sunday morning, we mark the celebration of the Eucharist through the rich traditions of hymns found in the English church.

Over the years, the Holy Eucharist has been known by several names:  Holy Communion, the Divine Liturgy and the Mass.  In the Eucharist we celebrate the sacrament of Christ’s body and blood and in it we are made one with one another and with Jesus’ first disciples.  Today we continue this ancient practice as disciples ourselves, remember Jesus’ words to “do this” in remembrance of Him.  The word Eucharist comes from the Greek eucharistia meaning “thanksgiving” reminding us that our first response is gratitude to God.

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